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Top 3 best foods for your dog


With the purpose of  raising a healthy and vigorous dog, owners need to have rudimentary knowledge about dog food regimes, as well as know what foods to avoid or should feed your dog. 

Royal Canin dry food

The selection of materials in production is extremely important. Clearly aware of this, Royal Canin chose the ingredients carefully. All are based on many factors that strictly adhere to quality testing. Ensure food safety and uniformity between materials. Use natural aromas to bring out the best taste for pets. Royal Canin food has a main pillar at St. Charles, Missouri. Their products are manufactured at company-owned factories. They are located in Missouri and South Dakota. The company’s headquarters were built in the south of France. This is still one of the most advanced pet food production facilities in the world to this day.

Smartheart dog food

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SmartHeart is known as the brand of cat and dog food products from Thailand from Perfect Companion Group (PCG) distributed in our country in the last 7 7 years. With modern technology and ISO9001 certified production lines, this brand has been trying its best to research breakthrough products that make pets healthier.

SmartHeart for dogs with a balanced and complete nutritional ingredient to bring a healthy and good condition to your dog. SmartHeart has a good nutritional ingredient, supplemented with marine fish oil source DHA, Omega-3 fatty acids and Lecithin, rich in Colin, which enhances the development of brain and nervous system functions, enhances cardiovascular health.

Food for Ganador dogs

This enterprise is known as a pet food brand imported from France. Ganador has spent more than 60 years of operation and development and is one of the highly rated brands. Ganador dog food produces 27% protein and various nutrients and vitamins. In particular, Ganador products help dogs increase resistance, higher immune system. 

Moreover, there is a difference between Ganador and other brands that is about accurate research. Each product of Ganador is calculated and studied for a long time and carefully to suit each type of dog and each age of the dog. Ganador knows well that every age, dogs need to add different substances. So the products of this brand are very rich and diverse.

Ganador Adult, Ganador Puppy and Fib’s are suitable for all breeds and sizes with ISP + (Immune System Protection), a recipe that includes powerful antioxidants, vitamins and selenium to increase your ability. Natural immunity for dogs. Ganador Adult contains chicken that provides protein, good for digestion, provides calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth. In addition, the product also has Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin, rice flour and yucca plant extract to help solidify and less smell. Ganador Puppy contains DHA / EPA & choline for healthy brain, calcium and vitamin D from milk promotes bone growth, omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and rice flour, and yucca plant extract for solid and less odor .

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