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Heaalthy teeth wiill ensure the well being of your dogs. Moreover, this is an important stage during caring dog process. Brushing teeth of your dog helps them prevent gingivitist, dental caries and so on.

Advantages of brushing your dog’s teeth

Like human being, dogs also need to take oral hygiene measures. Proper oral hygiene will support and minimize the bad pathogens. Leading to great impact on canine teeth, resulting in gingivitis, tooth decay or bad breath in dogs.

Oral hygiene also eliminates the plaque that forms on the teeth of dogs. The plaque accumulates a multitude of bacteria that lead to eroding tooth enamel and yellow teeth, adversely affecting your beloved dog.

What have to prepare before you can brush your dog’s teeth?

Toothbrushes: you can find them at a dog shop. Conventional brushes also differentiate between different ages of dogs. You can consult more when buying at the store. Choose soft brushes to avoid your dog being uncomfortable when brushing your teeth.

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Toothpaste: Currently, there are quite a lot of toothpaste for dogs in the market. Moreover, they have various prices stretching from affordable to expensive. You can depend on your own economic situation and choose the most appropriate one.

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The process of brushing dogs

After giving toothpaste with a sufficient amount on the dog’s brush, you will proceed with the brushing process of your puppy. To begin with, you should gently put the brush into the mouth of dog. Gradually, you should brush the outside of the teeth in front. Just like their canines before, this is where the brush is most exposed.

Due to the plaque often cling to the benefit of teeth. Therefore, you need to pay attention to brush along the brush in that direction.

After performing brushing the outer surface of the teeth, you will switch to brush the inner part. To brush the inside of the dog’s teeth. First of all , you need to lift the mouth of the dog to open your mouth and then scrub the toothbrush in case your puppy tries to avoid it at this step. Besides, you can insert a finger to make this process more convenient.


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