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How To Give Dog Water Medicine

Busy life sometimes does not allow us to take puppies to health facilities to take medicine every day when babies are sick, so many of you have chosen a self-help solution for your dog to take medicine at home. This is not too difficult, and if you know exactly what to do, the process is even easier. Compared with other types of medicine such as pills, capsules, injections, the medicine is easier to use, but giving your dog a lot of water also requires carefulness, meticulousness and patience. If you do not know how to use your dog, you can consult the following tips.
If your dog refuses to eat food with medicine, or the medicine cannot be mixed with food and the dose is too large, here are the steps you should take.

1. Prepare the medicine – shake the bottle evenly if necessary, and draw a sufficient amount into the syringe or oral syringe provided by the doctor. After that, leave the syringe or syringe in a convenient place.

2. Call the puppy to your side in a cheerful voice. If you don’t show worry or insecurity, your dog won’t feel the same way.

3. Putting the puppy in a comfortable place, place the dog’s hind legs against an object so he or she cannot move away from you. Some people think it is easier to place a dog on a surface higher than the ground. If you do, you should have a supporter to prevent your dog from jumping or falling off the table and getting hurt. People needs to keep the dog’s shoulders and chest fixed.

4. Take a syringe or syringe with one hand. If you’re right-handed, use your right hand.

5. The other hand gently grabbed the dog’s snout from above. Push the dog’s head back.

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6. Place the tip of the syringe or syringe in the space between the cheek and the molars of the dog.

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7. Slowly inject the medicine.

 It should be divided into several turns of pumping drugs in small amounts and with intervals between each turn. Be careful not to pump the medicine too quickly before the dog can swallow the part before. Also, do not take all of the medication at the same time because it can cause choking or vomiting. Your dog can spit out some medicine. If this is the case, do not give your dog any extra dose unless the dog vomits the entire part that has been given.

8. Keep your snout together and lift your baby’s head slightly so they can swallow more easily. Gently rubbing or blowing on the nose can help stimulate the swallowing process.

9. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away the medication on your dog’s face if available.

10. Praise your baby and, if possible, reward your baby, which helps make the next dose more gentle. The process of giving your dog how to take the medicine goes smoothly, the next time it will be much easier.

11. Wash the syringe or syringe with tap water and put the medicine in the refrigerator if necessary.

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